Hi, I'm Kirsten, the founder of Graphic Organic.


I'm a 20-something year old, creative dog mom. Since I was 9 years old, I've lived with multiple chronic illnesses. I write about my experiences on my blog. I hope to raise more awareness and give those who are struggling a place where they don't feel alone. I'm not here to glamourize issues, but I like to stay positive and hopeful.


I'm always creating. If I'm not writing I am desiging a new product for my store.


Not only did I want to focus on creating unique designs but also on the origin of the product. I didn't want to sell stuff if someone or something got harmed during production. Why create a brand to support people if we are using chemicals that pollute the air and surface waters? While others are ignoring global warming we must stand up for our planet. 

All my designs are printed on organic fabric or recycled paper. The production of organic cotton requires far less CO2 emissions and 60% less water than conventional farming. Humans and animals are not exposed to chemical pesticides. This brand only works with factories that respect human rights. I only use eco-friendly or recycled materials to make sure your product arrives safely.

I'm also a freelance graphic designer. If you need help realizing your project, go over to my portfolio page. You can check out my LinkedIn for more information about my education.

It's my mission to make you feel at home. Graphic Organic is a place without hate of any form. I support the chronic illness community but of course anyone is more than welcome. There are no male/female categories in our shop because I believe in buying what you like. 

I hope you have a wonderful experience on this website and welcome to the Graphic Organic family! 

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