October Health Essentials

Can you believe October is coming to an end? Graphic Organic was launched on October 1st, we partnered with Chronic Connection for the Spoonie Card Swap and we had our first guest Eman Khan on the blog. Then, add colorful leaves falling off, sipping a pumpkin spice latte from under your blanket and candy corn scented candles to it and we can say it was a pretty good month. To celebrate the beauty of October I wanted to share three of my favorite spoonie related products of the month.

1) The Spoonie Planner

At the end of September I ordered The Spoonie Planner at OurNewHealthy. Since I work from home I really needed a notebook to write down my to-do lists (because brain fog is one of my common symptoms). I noticed quickly that my brain still thinks my body is healthy and my to-do lists were not manageable with my illnesses. I hated the feeling of not being able to cross off my tasks. In the Spoonie Planner however are two boxes. One for the things that need to be done and the other for when you have extra spoons. This helped me so much to feel less guilty when I wasn't able to finish a task. One thing I really like about this planner too, is that you can grasp it whenever you want. There's space for 52 weeks but you get to write down the dates yourself. Which was perfect for me. I didn't have to wait till January first to write in it but I could start using it when I opened my business. Furthermore, you can write down pain levels, health updates, your medication schedule and goals.

2) Cocoa Butter Beautifying Oil

If you struggle with fuzzy hair in the morning and you're a spoonie, you know how hard it is to straighten your hair when you're not feeling well. We unfortunately don't have the strength to put our arms up high and stand up at the same time. A long time ago I bought this dry oil for body, face and hair by The Body Shop for my grandma's birthday. She did end up sticking to her olive oil and it has just been laying in the drawer for about a year. I recently was looking for something else and the oil caught my eye. I had one of those bad hair days and I had no time to straighten my hair so I decided to give the oil a try. I just put a tiny bit on the tops of my fingers and went through my hair. It makes a huge difference and it only takes you a few seconds.

3) Hanoju Veggies and Fruit Extract

A while ago I bought the Juice Plus capsules recommended by a fellow spoonie. They only consist of fruit and veggies like broccoli, blue berries, kale, carrots,... and is 100% vegan and natural. A lot of people have less fatigue when they take them. It wasn't the case for me but surprisingly it helped me with one of my other symptoms which is constipation. I decided to eat more veggies and fruit and take these capsules on top to have a normal stool again. I forgot to take them a couple of times and I really could feel a difference. Juice Plus is great but a bit expensive and you're automatically stuck to a subscription that I personally am not a fan of. I went to my local nature shop and asked for a similar product to see if it would work the same or not. Hanoju (only sold in the Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany) works perfectly fine and it has become one of those things I can't miss in my life.

Where to find these products*

The Spoonie Planner: https://www.etsy.com/nl/listing/503986495/spoonie-daily-planner?ref=related-2

Cocoa Butter Beautifying Oil: https://www.thebodyshop.com/body/body-massage-oils/cocoa-butter-beautifying-oil/p/p000856

Hanoju Veggies and Fruit Extract:


*None of these are sponsored.

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