November Health Essentials

November flew by! I was dressing up as a scarecrow and all of a sudden it's time to set up the tree and play Michael Bublé's Christmas album. In November, my friend Nancy wrote a beautiful post about the power of gratitude when you suffer from a chronic illness. You can read it here. She showed us how important it is to pause and realize that we have so much more to be thankful for than we realize. And of course after Thanksgiving comes Black Friday! Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great opportunities to find Christmas presents for a good deal. We celebrated by giving 30% off on all our products. This month three items have made my chronic life a bit easier. What products made your November more manageable?

1) Vitamin D

As someone with two chronic illnesses myself, I know how hard it is for our bodies to get the amount of vitamin D you need. Vitamin D is produced when sunlight hits the skin. Having a lack of this vitamin can cause even more health issues such as chilblains. Get outside as much as possible. I personally take vitamin D capsules which really makes a difference. I used to have pretty painful chilblain on my feet before I took my vitamins. Ask your doctor or pharmacy for advice before taking tablets.

2) Weights

My shoulders are often blocked and my neck gets swollen due to my fibromyalgia. My physiotherapist suggested I'd practice at home with very light weights (0,5 kg - 1,1 pound) to strengthen my arm muscles. I've been exercising for months (almost every day) now and this month it's finally showing effect! My physiotherapist, who I hadn't seen in the last few weeks, proudly told me my hard work paid off. I was able to stay in balance and even do two push ups. Strengthening my arms always has been difficult for me. This month is the first time I see a difference. No matter how long you need to work on your goal, I promise you, one day, you'll achieve your aim.

3) Podcasts

Let's be honest here. Having a chronic illness is boring. When you're having a bed or couch bound day it can be incredibly boring for your mind. But sometimes even reading a book, looking at a TV or smartphone screen can be too hard. Podcasts are the perfect solution. I know I know, podcasts exist for a long time now. Why have I discovered the beauty of them so late? It's a great way to stay entertained when your eyes are so tired, you can't even keep them open.

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