3 Qualities Spoonies Look For In A Partner

Valentine's Day can be difficult when you are single, even more so if you are single with and have a chronic illness. I haven't experienced single life since being diagnosed, but when we get into a cracker of an argument I do worry how I would navigate the single space. Valentine's Day has become over commercialised and the worries and thoughts are just magnified on this day. I would like to insist that no-one should just settle for any partner due to fear of being alone. The qualities you require in a partner are just the same and sometimes are even more important when you have a chronic illness.

1. Understanding

There will be times when you can't function properly due to various symptoms. You need someone that realises this how your illness works and doesn't make you feel guilty or "lazy"

2. Caring

At times you will need more help and that is absolutely fine. Your partner should be willing to offer this and at very least have the patience to bear with you whilst you do these things yourself.

3. Supportive

Support comes in all different forms. Whether it is emotional, financial or physical. There will probably be times when you need a bit of each.

There are tons more qualities that I could list but I am sure all the single spoonies are reading this thinking where on earth do these magical creatures exist. Yes, I get it. No-one on this big blue planet is perfect but doesn't mean you should settle for just anyone. You deserve to be treated as anyone else and the daily bombardment of ableist notions may lead you to believe you are worth less and that is absolutely false!

On this Valentines's Day do not be drawn into the hype. Whether you are single or in a relationship feel free to enjoy the day as you wish. I am in a relationship and I'm not even sure if I will be seeing bae on this day.

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