February Health Essentials

February is already coming to an end. Have you been burning mojito scented candles and buying cute pastel clothes like me to ease the cold and dark winter time? February is also the month of love. Jay (Fizztah) took over my blog and wrote a post for Valentine's Day you can read right here. I also started a new monthly series on my blog called YouTube With A Disability where I interview a small YouTuber who is chronically ill or has a disability. For my first episode I interviewed Shaelene (A Girl With Lyme). Before we get into that spring mood, I'm going to share three items I used quite often during this month.

1. Sleep Body Lotion Lavender Vanilla Bath & Body Works

A year ago I went on a holiday to Orlando and fell in love with the brand Bath & Body Works. One of the things I picked up was the Sleep body lotion. Whenever I have trouble sleeping I apply a bit on my arms or shoulders and the scent immediately makes me feel calm and relaxed. Lavender is known for having a calming effect on you but I love how different this lavender smell is. It's very outspoken and stays on for a pretty long time. The mix with vanilla gives it a sweet touch and the lotion feels refreshing. In the US there are stores at every corner but living in Belgium I couldn't even order from their site. After some googleing I found Cozy Favorites, a Dutch webshop that sells Bath & Body Works but also other cool brands like Soap & Glory. I'm so glad I can use now my favorite lotion again during those high symptom nights.

2. Roses Are Red I'm Going To Bed Hoodie

Of course I had this one in my closet from the opening of Graphic Organic but for some reason I only wore it a couple of times before. This month I've been wearing my sweatshirt a lot! Hello, the roses are perfect for February! The inside of the fabric is extremely soft so it feels like you're wearing a blanket. It's also a bit oversized which makes it a perfect hoodie to throw over my workout clothes when I go to physiotherapy or yoga class. It gives you the same warmth as a jacket would do and makes a cute outfit with black leggings and a pair of gym shoes.

3. Alpro Yogurt Plain With Almonds

For breakfast most of the days I eat yogurt with fruit and granola or muesli. I like to switch between just regular plain organic yogurt and the plant-based one from Alpro. The last two weeks I've been experiencing more stomach and bowl issues again. This soya and almond yogurt doesn't make me feel bloated and still tastes amazing. It has a sweet touch so you don't even need to add stevia or another sweetener. Even if you're not lactose intolerant like me, it's still good for your body and for the environment to choose a vegan product every now and then.

*Where to find these products:

Sleep body lotion US: http://www.bathandbodyworks.com/p/lavender-vanilla-body-lotion-023531101.html#q=sleep&lang=en_US&start=6

Sleep body lotion the Netherlands, Belgium & Germany: http://www.cozy-favorites.nl/product/lavender-vanilla-8/

Roses Are Red I'm Going To Bed hoodie: https://www.graphic-organic.com/productpagina/roses-are-red

Alpro Yogurt Plain With Almonds: https://www.alpro.com/uk/products/plant-based-yogurt-variation/big-plain/almond#productrange

*None of these are sponsored.

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