Hello Spring: Turning A Setback Into A Comeback

After the cold and dead and brown of winter, it's so relieving to see the earliest green of springtime. That first time you feel the warmth of the spring sun, and experience the temperatures rise above fifty degrees, your heart somehow begins to warm, too. You know the icy days are over! You've been looking forward to this for months and now it's finally here - bare branches replaced with blooming petals, icy streets with shaded lanes, and your parka put away for your favourite jersey dress.

Spring is a special season because in many respects it represents new beginnings, start-overs, and a putting away of the old to start again with something fresh. For the most part, during the icy winter, we’re all hoping for the beauty and the warmth of spring. So, in that respect, spring also represents hope and a bright future.

Winter can be experienced in many ways, not just in physical ice and cold. During my lifetime, I feel have experienced more winters than only the 33 seasons of snow. Sometimes, when I think back over the course of my life, it feels like I must have experienced 1,716 winters - times of my life where everything felt cold and dead and brown - a setback, a flare-up, a rare, devastating diagnosis. It felt like I would be freezing forever – stuck in cold, bleak seasons of my life for eternity.

But you know what? I never was. Just like in real life, seasons change. The flare-up stopped. The setback was overcome. The diagnosis was processed and a plan was formed.

And then suddenly out of the ice and snow - a blade of grass emerged. Spring! A warming. A thawing. The sunshine came out and I was able to see past my pain and my loss, jump over the newest hurdle, and move on.

But, what do we all do when we're stuck in the snow during an overly long winter? We look forward to spring. We dream about all the things that we’re going to do when it warms up. We plan. We longingly scroll online for Capri pants and tank tops and wide-brimmed hats. We chose the resort for the long-awaited spring break vacation. And while we’re stuck in our houses, the wind gusting outside, looking forward to all those beautiful things, we gain enough hopeful expectation to make it through another blustery season.

So, what is the point? When you're stuck in YOUR winter, look forward to YOUR spring.

Plan for the future.

Focus on others to get outside yourself.

Practice giving; its always a win-win.

Get creative - because why not finger paint?

Have fun within your limitations.

Keep dreaming.

Spring is coming, y'all! Have you bought your hat?

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