YouTube With A Disability: Jay H.

YouTube With A Disability is a monthly series on Graphic Organic where I interview a creator who has a chronic illness or disability. YouTube recently came out with a new policy. Only channels that have over 1,000 subscribers and a minimum of 4,000 minutes of watch time over the past year are now eligible for monetization, which means getting paid through ads. This affects so many small channels, definitely those people who need the money for medical bills. I want to help out by promoting those YouTubers on my blog. If you are interested in being featured, send me an e-mail or go to the contact page. There is only one rule: you need to have less than 1,000 subscribers.

This month of April I interviewed Jay H. (Fizzstah). who is not only a YouTuber but also an excellent blogger I collaborated with in the past. For Valentine's Day she wrote a guest post on Graphic Organic you can read here.

Jay is 27 years old and lives in London (UK) and was diagnosed with two autoimmune disorders in May 2015. (Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder and Polymyositis) When she first got ill, she was so low on energy. Watching YouTube videos became her outlet. She loves watching family vlogs, beauty videos but also topics such as pop culture and reviews.

Jay has always been into photography and has a few different cameras so she decided to start making videos herself. Her first channel focused on rants, reviews and recent news but after her diagnosis she couldn't find many recourses she could relate to. That's how her channel Fizzstah was born.

Vlogging became therapeutic for her and a way to deal with her chronic illnesses but people are now reaching out to her and telling how she helped them.

"I love receiving messages and comments from people telling me how I’ve helped them and just generally appreciating my content. Doing things in the online space like blogging and vlogging can often feel like you’re wasting your efforts and just speaking into the inter webs."

Since she started doing batch recording she only films every 3-6 weeks and uploads once a week. It can be hard to stay consistent for Jay when she's going through a flare. Luckily her subscribers, or "Stars" as Jay likes to call them, are very understanding.

Her biggest piece of advice for other spoonies who want to start a YouTube channel is to pace yourself.

Jay: "You'll need to be patient with yourself as there will be times when you're not feeling up to it and that's absolutely fine."

Jay recommands pre-filming because that way it's easier to stick to your schedule. She even made a video on this topic:

There's so much more to being a YouTuber than just filming. You need to edit, make a thumbnail and promote your videos. According to Jay, the very worst thing you can do is creating clickbait titles and thumbnails and following a trend that has been overdone.

Jay: "I feel Youtube is space to be creative and provide informative or at very least entertaining content."

Besides maintaining her blog and YouTube channel, she is also the co-founder of The Fempire Collective: a social enterprise that focuses on supporting, developing and encouraging women in business and creative industries. She's working to develop a new branch of a local arthritis charity aimed at 18-35 year olds with Arthritis and rheumatic illnesses. So overall a very busy bee!

The video she's most proud of is her Spoonie/Chronic illness Problems video because so many people can relate to it.

She recently decided to diversify her content and she hopes to expand her channel in the future.

Where to find Fizzstah:







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