5 Free Accessible Tips For Sustainable Living

Today I want to talk green and share five simple things you can change in your daily life that are not only good for our planet but will also save you money.

I wanted to make this post as accessible as possible. There are so many wonderful ideas online for an eco-friendly lifestyle but not everyone can afford vegan products or has the physical ability to bicycle instead of driving a car.

Global warming is a serious topic and I think we should all do our part to save the planet.

No one expects you to go all green in just one day. I know there are many events that take place above us impacting global warming that we are unable to change individually.

But you can change up some things in your daily lifestyle that are kinder alternatives for our only planet Earth that won't cost you a cent.

1. Reuse Your Mail

We get so much paper in our mailbox that we just throw away. Instead of using a new piece of paper for your grocery list, write on the back of your bills, taxes, insurances or advertising papers.

2. Recyle Your Food

Stop throwing so much food away and start making new dishes from leftovers. For example, no one likes to chew on old bread. Have you thought about making a French toast out of it? How about making croutons for your salad or even a grilled cheese sandwich?

3. Tap Water

Did you notice how many plastic bottles of water you throw away every month? Tap water is just as good for you and is a lot cheaper.

4. Shoppingbag

Say no to plastic bags in shops and bring your own tote bag. If you don't have a non-plastic bag just reuse other plastic bags. People throw them away immediately, while you can perfectly use it multiple times.

5. Stop Charging Overnight

I know how tempting it is to charge your phone overnight. You don't need your phone while you're asleep, so perfect timing right? No, in fact, most phones need about two hours to charge.

Unless you sleep for two hours, it's a pretty bad idea for the environment. Even if your phone is fully charged, the plug will keep using a small amount of energy.

If you have any more tips, I'd love to hear them!

As always, thank you for reading.

x Kirsten

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Credit pictures: We Heart It & Pexels

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