April Health Essentials

Spring has finally arrived! The trees are in full blossom and birds are singing their hearts out.

With that being said, it's time we discuss what products I've been loving this month.

Shall we?

1) Belvas Belgian Chocolate: Organic Dark Chocolate Belgian Thins

As a Belgian girl I gotta support our good quality chocolate. Recently I was in an organic store and found this package of 85% cocoa handmade artisanal chocolate snacks. They are completely vegan and fair-trade. On top of the chocolate they added pure cocoa nibs and some coco blossom sugar which adds a nice, subtle, salty flavor. This makes it taste a lot better than all the other 85% cocoa chocolate. It is perfect to add to your granola bowl or to snack on.

2) Travel Make-up Cleansing Wipes RITUALS

I've tried so many different make-up removers and wipes but all made my eyes irritated. These organic cotton make-up wipes were in my Rituals Advent Calendar. There were lots of products to try out and I forgot I had these till I needed to refill my make-up wipes.

First of all can we take a moment to appreciate the smell of the aloe vera? Usually make-up wipes smell more chemical but if they had a scented candle of these wipes, I'd buy it. It not only removes all your make-up but also black heads or other dirt on your skin. My face feels refreshed after using them and it does not irritate my eyes in any way.

3) Chronic Chic Sweatshirt

I've been wearing this piece of my collection a lot in April. I love how I could just wear a bright colored sports bra underneath without it shining through, which usually is the case with white shirts. This sweatshirt is perfect if you want to look cute but not overdressed. And best of all, it's 100% organic cotton and fair-trade.

*Where to find these products:

1) Belvas Belgian Chocolate: http://www.chocolaterie-belvas.be/nl/nos-produits/pure-biochocolade-85-120g/#

2) Cleansing Wipes Rituals: https://www.rituals.com/en-gb/miracle-wipes---travel-1101571.html

3) Chronic Chich Sweatshirt: https://www.graphic-organic.com/product-page/chronic-chic

*None of these are sponsored.

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