YouTube With A Disability: Jenni Pettican

YouTube With A Disability is a monthly series on Graphic Organic where I interview a creator who has a chronic illness or disability. YouTube recently came out with a new policy. Only channels that have over 1,000 subscribers and a minimum of 4,000 minutes of watch time over the past year are now eligible for monetization, which means getting paid through ads. This affects so many small channels, definitely those people who need the money for medical bills. I want to help out by promoting those YouTubers on my blog. This is the last episode for now. Feel free to share links to your channel in the comments below!

The last YouTuber I interviewed is Chronically Jenni. She's 22 years old and lives with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome and a Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak which was sealed in March 2017. She is in her third year of drama at university. She lives in the U.K and travels between Sussex and Norfolk.

You can sure say Jenni is a busy bee, next to her education and vlogging channel she is a student radio presenter, voice over actor, avon lady, has a job at the cinema and is a dog walker.

She loves watching music videos, karaoke, tutorials, other YouTubers with chronic illness(es) such as: missadventurexx, agirlisariot, Christina Doherty (who features in one of her videos), Kraigisonfire, Georgina’s Journey (who she'll be meeting this Summer and plans to collab with) and everything from macramé to film editing.

It was actually her flatmate, Becky, who convinced her to start a channel. Jenni set herself a secret New Year's Resolution at the start of 2017 and stuck to it! Her friends have always been really supportive and even want to be in her videos. She's open to work with anyone who wants to be involved and loves learning more about different chronic illnesses.

When I ask her what's the best part about YouTube she doesn't have to think long about it.

Jenni: "My favourite thing about YouTube is the amazing community and friends you make! When you have an illness or disability, especially one which isn't particularly common, it can be hard to find people who understand. I've met so many incredible and inspirational people who I'm happy to call true friends."

Chronically Jenni is a vlog channel so she films every single day of her life. She doesn't really have a schedule but tries to get an informative video based on awareness days up once a month. Of course having to film daily can be really difficult with many health issues. She can't help but feeling guilty when she wasn't able to get something up on time. Many people don't know how time consuming editing can be.

The video she's most proud of is the series she has just done for EDS Awareness Month. She made 7 videos with 24 people with 3 types of EDS from 4 countries in 1 month, all during her deadline season! She's amazing she got it all done but she's also super proud of everyone who took part. You can find the videos here.

Jenni even shared some information about her upcoming videos. She'll be vlogging a 3 week physiotherapy and OT rehab program she's going on. She'd love to see her channel grow and hit 1000 subscribers.

Her advice to people who want to start a channel is to just do it whether you end up with 10 or 10 000 subscribers.

Jenni: "For me, it's never been about the numbers. I just want to keep putting out good content that helps people as much as my little community helps me."

Where to find Jenni:






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