Fall Housebound Activities

It's that time of the year: crispy leaves, apple cider, cinnamon scented candles, pumpkin spice lattes and flannel checkered scarves.

As someone with chronic illnesses, I know how hard it can be when you want to join the festive events but a flare is hitting you. When you are too ill to go out but you're still too functional to rest all day, time goes by very slow.

Believe me, I know how it feels. And it sucks. It feels unfair.

Chronically ill people learn to get more creative. Over my years of experience with chronic illness I got pretty good in finding other solutions or shifting things up so I can do it too, at my own pace.

If you are in a similar situation or if you are just looking for activities you can do at home during your Halloween or Thanksgiving party, then just keep on reading.

1) Pumpkin Carving/Painting

I think this one is pretty obvious. I remember as a child my mom and I craving pumpkins every year for Halloween and light them when it got dark. I know carving can be hard for people with chronic pain. It requires a lot more strength and energy than you would imagine.

Another thing you can do is paint them. A few years ago, a friend and I painted pumpkins. I turned mine into a bee with black and yellow stripes. There are thousands of ideas you can find on Pinterest.

2) Baking

What is fall without homemade pies, cookies and cake? I love to search for recipes that don't require much of my time (cause spoons are limited) but still give me those Autumn vibes I need.

I made candy corn cookies from Rosanna Pansino. The house smelled literally like Halloween. They were super easy to make and very delicious.

Personal Instagram: fibrofairy

3) Reading

Nothing better than curling up under a soft blanket on a chilly Autumn night with a good book. To be honest, when I was a child I never enjoyed reading. Now as a young adult, I'm still not a novel kinda person but I really got into the non-fiction world.

Currently I'm reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert which is a self-help, motivational book about living a creative life. I'm loving all the new perspectives about inspiration, ideas and dreams Gilbert discusses. If you can't read a physical book, there are plenty of other options like Kindle or audiobooks.

4) Dressing Up

Fall equals Halloween. And Halloween equals costumes! I have always loved dressing up since I was little. There are thousands of make-up tutorials or easy costume ideas on YouTube and Pinterest. Even if you are not attending to a Halloween party, it's such a fun activity.

Last year I dressed up as a scarecrow. The only things I used were eyeliner, mascara, a coral colored lipstick, a straw hat and a checkered shirt. You don't need fancy things. Get creative.

Personal Instagram: fibrofairy

5) Spa day at home

Take a long hot shower or bath, lit those Fall scented candles and put on some relaxing music. Shave your legs while you let your face mask dry. Get in your PJ and robe, put on some body lotion or cream and finish with painting your nails.

My favorite Fall colored nail polish is Wicked by Essie. The brush is not too thick, it dries pretty quickly and paints very smoothly. I'm actually wearing Wicked while I'm typing this sentence.

6) Coloring

Coloring is a low energy draining activity to clear your mind. I love to color in the couch while listening to a podcast. I use a hardcover adult mindfulness coloring book since it's much easier to use while I'm laying down.

Apps are a great alternative if you have trouble holding a pencil. The beauty of coloring is that it doesn't have to be perfect and there is no right way to do it.

7) Movie night

I know you would have thought of this activity yourself but I wanted to mention it anyway since a friend recently sent me a list of spooky but not scary movies. If you are not a horror fan but still want to get in the mood for Halloween, this is the perfect list for you.

- Hocus Pocus

- Halloweentown

- Haunted Mansion

- Frankenweenie

- Nightmare Before Christmas

- Corpse Bride

- Double Double Toil And Trouble

- Mom's Got A Date With A Vampire

8) Decorating

Decorate your room or house for Fall and or Halloween. It's an activity I like to take my time for, find the perfect spot for every object and listen to some of my favorite jams.

If you are a crafty person, you'll find loads of DIY projects on Pinterest.

9) Board games

Invite a friend or family member for an afternoon of old-fashioned board games. The one game my whole family of different generations enjoys is Labyrinth by Ravensburger. We had this one ever since I was a little kid and we still like to play it every now and then.

10) Gift lists

The holidays are coming up so why not make a wish list or start thinking about presents you want to give to your loved ones?

That's it for this post. Let me know what activities you like to do during Fall time so we can help inspire each other.

Happy Fall y'all!

*This post contains affiliate links. It will not cost you anything to click on them, but I will get a small referral fee from any purchase, which will be used to maintain this blog. Thank you!

** Thanks to Sophie for the movie list. You can find her at https://sophielouwho.com

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