Decluttering My Closet With Chronic Pain

If you know me, you know I love organizing and planning. Every beginning of the year I start cleaning up my room, desk and closet. Especially after the holidays I feel overwhelmed by stuff and I like to be in a clean, fresh environment.

More and more people seem to need a more minimal lifestyle. Look at Marie Kondo thriving! But what if chronic pain and fatigue make the job almost impossible?

As a chronic illness warrior I know how difficult cleaning tasks are. Still, I managed to declutter my closet despite my disability. How you may ask?

PS: Of course I know not everyone is lucky enough to be able to even start decluttering. But I want to share what helped me to make things easier for me:

1) Make a plan

Start simply with making a to-do list. Write down everything you want to get done. This will help you get a better overlook.

Then, break them into small tasks. That way you won't feel guilty when you can't complete your big goal. You know you will feel satisfied with every accomplishment you can cross off and feel more productive.

When you feel well enough to continue the job, you know exactly where you were last time.

Shameless self promo. My Get Sh*t Done notebooks have already to-do lists in them with boxes you can check off easily. They not only look cute but are made out of recycled paper and shipped to you for free.

2. One Year Rule

Decluttering can make you overthink which will make the whole process so much longer in the end. When the fatigue starts to hit you, the last thing you want is to waste time by feeling conflicted.

I believe in the one year rule. If I didn't wear a piece of clothing for an entire year, it's time to get rid of it.

I highly recommend to donate. It's much more eco-friendly than just throwing away clothes that are perfectly fine that someone else might like or need. Look online for small charities or bring them to your local thrift store.

3. Take your time

Last but not least, take as much time as you need. I for example took 3 weeks. I did two drawers every Sunday and finished the last one by doing my hangers.

We not only have so many other things to do and have limited energy on top of that. Listen to your body. It's okay if you need a few months. You'll get there at your own pace.

Curious to see the result? I filmed a short tour of my closet. (If you are heard-hearing or deaf, there are closet captions in English.)

Lots of love,


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