Summer Book Recommendations 2019

If you have read my previous post about my 7-day social media detox, then you will remember that I've been trying to limit my screen time. What better way to do that than by reading more paper books? Here are some of my favourites I recently read. Add them to your reading list ASAP.

1) We Were Liars - E. Lockhart

We Were Liars is a young adult novel about this character called Cadence. She and her family spend their summers at an island. At summer 15, an incident happens. Cadence loses her memory and suffers from migraine attacks. When she's 17 years old she goes back to the island and slowly starts remembering what happened that particular summer.

If you like Pretty Little Liars, this book is for you. It has drama, friendship, love and mystery. I was blown away by the ending which I was not expecting it at all. This is one of those books that leave you speechless after finishing.

2) Turtles All The Way Down - John Green

In this story we follow the life of Aza, a 16 year old girl who has OCD. Aza and her friend Daisy hear about the missing billionaire Russel Pickett when he's about to get arrested for fraud. The girls are determined to find him to get the $100 000 reward. But Aza starts falling in love with Pickett's son and finds herself struggling more with her mental illness. Will they find the billionaire?

To be honest I'm not a fan of the movies The Fault In Our Stars and Papertowns. So when I heard about this book by John Green I had my doubts. But when I saw it in the library I decided to pick it up anyway and give it a try. Boy, was I wrong! This is a real page turner. Aza is a character that I think many people will find relatable. Green's writing is raw, honest and pure. The story may start off a bit like your typical teenage love story but I can tell you, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Trigger warning: This book contains mentions of mental illness and self-harm. I don't recommend reading if these topics make you feel uncomfortable.

3) Eat Pray Love - Elizabeth Gilbert

I'm sure many people have heard about this story before but here is a short summary anyway:

Elizabeth Gilbert decides to spend a year traveling around the world after her divorce and new relationship that did not work out. She starts by spending 4 months in Italy (eat), 3 months finding peace in India (pray) and finishing her journey in Indonesia where she finds love.

I read Gilberts book Big Magic and fell in love with her wisdom. I had seen the movie adaptation of Eat Pray Love with Julia Roberts but had not read the book yet. I believe some parts are written in a too positive light, which makes the story almost too good to be true. Despite this, the story will make you reflect on yourself, make you feel inspired and help you to become more open-minded.

4) When Life Gives You Lululemons - Lauren Weisberger

This book is about Emily Charlston, Miranda Priestly's assitent in The Devil Wear Prada. Emily has moved on from Runway and is now working in the image consulting industry in L.A. Her career isn't going too well until her childhood friend Miriam from Greenwich contacts her to help out Karoline, an ex-model that gets accused by her husband of drunk driving. Can Emily save Karoline's reputation and give her her life back?

I'm a huge fan of Weisbergers The Devil Wears Prada and have seen the movie multiple times. This book stands on its own and you don't need to know what previously happened.

What an amazing idea to give Emily her own story! She is the kind of character you would never be friends with in real life but you can't help but love her funny quotes and snappy comments. I had such a good time reading this novel. Will you learn something from this book? Probably not, but who cares? You will get entertained! I loved that it's written from 3 different point of views of the main characters. You will get bombarded with cultural references and descriptions of the wealthy suburb life.

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