Teen Starts Charity For Sick Children

Sophia Nicholas is 17 years old and lives in Pennsylvania. She's a senior in high school, former dancer, health advocate and the founder of Sophia's Bundles Of Love.

Sophia's Bundles Of Love is a charity that provides care packages to children who are living with chronic illnesses, cancer or special needs. Anyone under the age of 18, living in the United States, with a health condition can apply.

These packages are personalized around the receivers interests. Boxes can include things such as crayons, markers, puzzles, stampers, bubbles, etc.

Sophia was inspired by her own battles to create the charity. On July 26th of 2017, she was diagnosed with Arnold Chiari Malformation type 1.

"This meant that 6mm of my brain was herniating outside of the skull. The next 8 months were torture. I was in constant pain 24/7, lost the ability to walk, had terrible headaches, numbness, tremors, weakness, ringing in the ears and muscle spasms."

She went through 3 brain surgeries and takes 27 pills a day, has spent over 60 nights in the hospital, has had 25 scans, 27 ER visits, 29 IVs, 3 PICU stays and 7 spinal staps.

Her goal of the bundles is to serve as a distraction for kids and to put a smile on their face.

"Health problems can create a huge strain on families and put siblings through the unthinkable which is why I wanted to include them in this special project."

She needs your help to continue her special packages, as she likes to call them. Funds recieved on Go Fund Me will cover shipping costs and the materials needed to make the bundles. If you prefer donating products you can send them to:

PO Box #1385

Milford Pennsylvania 18337


or select Sophia's Bundles Of Love on Amazon Smile.

"Thank you for not only supporting my charity but for helping these wonderful kids."

Make sure to support Sophia's Bundles Of Love on Instagram!

Teenager Starts Charity For Sick Children

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